Entering the Mixed Reality Era

Given the current array of circumstances that we find ourselves in globally, 2021 barges in and introduces itself as another year of unrelenting challenges, ever changing rules of which we are presented challenge of finding creative and technical solutions. 

Just like scientists and doctors working on a vaccine, the world is looking for a vaccine to the current crises faced by nearly every creative and production based industry.

How do we continue in the current climate? How do we overcome the daily challenges of a world that can no longer meet up?

Just like those scientific feats of man ensuring human safety via vaccination programmes. There are engineers, producers and creatives worldwide coming together to ensure the utmost is being done in emerging technologies to also account for a global shift and transition into another realm of production. Both music, video and other mixed media installations are still taking place all over the world so these emerging technologies present themselves out of a need for continuation. 

We take a look at the current standing within media production considering the vast deep dive into the digital realm, from Extended, Virtual and augmented Realities. What happens when these separate and innovative workflows come together is Mixed Reality! 

Mixed Reality is a term best coined to describe an amalgamation of multiple processes used to get the job done. Nowadays the necessity for working at home means that remote access to servers, softwares and projects mean that new solutions need to be in place to enable remote access and execution of our favourite Broadcasts, Music, Film, Live Events and more.

We are blinded by a need for human interaction, and with this ‘by any means’ approach we find ourselves creating technologies to overcome challenges we never thought we’d face before. How do we continue our media and production consumer habits with no overcrowded teams of assistants running up and down the studio? And no crowds and audiences?

As mentioned the answers were in the existing technologies we had in place, the perfect example to use here is the ‘Astronomical’ gig, put together by Epic Games and Travis Scott who came together in 2020 to produce a digital live concert through the Fortnite gaming platform. Please see links and videos for further details, the concert was attended by millions. Anything for a solution! 

Travis Scott 

Astronomical – (Full Video YT)


Amalgamating the many workflows brought forward in the last ten years allows us to create a Mixed Reality environment, spearheading us forward in the feat of innovative tech as a creative solution.

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